This All-American SUV will certainly land with a tip of Australian flavour.

Jeep has actually exposed that the soon-to-land brand-new Grand Cherokee will certainly go through pre-production screening in Australia, previously striking display room floorings late 2021.

It’s a relocation that has actually paid returns for the similarity Kia, Hyundai and also Toyota, that have actually adhered to up off-shore lorry advancement with smaller sized, localized screening and also recognition programs.

Jeep will certainly aim to adjust the American-developed Grand Cherokee to Australian preferences, and also fine-tune the four-wheel-drive’s attributes to fit our roadways, gas and also use.

” We’re mosting likely to check your roadways. We’re mosting likely to check your dust roadways. Mosting likely to check the pulling capability, due to the fact that we understand it is very important in your market,” Christian Meunier, Jeep Global Head of state described.

” We’re mosting likely to make it excellent, we’re really figured out to do that. And also simply for you to be assured too, we do not check it just in Australia; we have actually examined it in all one of the most severe locations on the planet.”

” Whether it’s up north in Canada, in the chilliest locations of the globe. That’s not actually crucial for you,”

” Yet in the most popular location in the globe, in the Center East. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, where it’s 50 levels not for one day, yet for 2 months. That’s likewise a really crucial point for you due to the fact that it can obtain warm in Australia.”

Specifically, Mr Meunier explained the value of pulling in Australia:

” I have actually been totally taught when I concerned Australia regarding pulling. Totally taught, it’s everything about towing.

” If you can not tow sufficient, it’s not mosting likely to function. Are we going to do it in Australia, due to the fact that pulling in North America is not the exact same. Individuals do not tow the exact same point. They do not tow the exact same trailers. They do not do it similarly. And also the roadways are not the exact same.”

Nonetheless, as opposed to Australian towing preferences, the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L will not be concerning Australia with a diesel powerplant. Rather, the preliminary 3.6-litre fuel V6 will certainly be adhered to by a plug-in crossbreed badged as 4Xe.

While turbocharged diesel motor have actually been the bedrock of 4x4s and also tow automobiles in Australia for years currently, the Nissan Patrol has actually gained ground as a gas option which tows well with lots of torque, and also does not make use of expensive quantities of gas.

And also Jeep sees the future powered by fuel and also electrical drivetrains, with diesel being a passing away type:

” We’re looking towards the future, and also our team believe that electrification actually offers a great deal of advantages torque-wise, acceleration-wise and also towing.

” Towing is great. Towing is core to Jeep, so we would not jeopardize on it. We have actually examined Wrangler and also Grand Cherokee 4xe. And also towing goes to the very least like with an ICE engine.”

The Jeep Grand Cherokee L will certainly be the very first three-row SUV that Jeep has actually supplied in Australia considering that the Leader from the 2000s.

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee will certainly go through Australian screening and also adjusting(*) Resource www.caradvice.com.au.