The initial intro of my old Land Wanderer Protector was quick, without way too much information or background. In this instalment, we look into the tale of acquiring as well as changing the Protector, as well as several of the experiences we have actually had given that.

After my 1971 Collection IIA Land Wanderer— my everyday motorist at the time– failed its yearly roadworthy examination in magnificent type several years earlier, I made a decision to obtain something a bit more recent. And also being so keen on Land Rovers, as well as having a hard time to fit much things right into a short-wheelbase car, the choice was a basic one: get a Protector 130

And also after analysis of troubles several were having with the weak back differentials of Protectors 110s as well as 130s fitted from around 2002 onwards, I located the ideal prospect among the stunning south-west inclines as well as levels of New South Wales. It was well preserved, without several huge alterations: a steel tray changed the bathtub, as well as there was an ARB steel bullbar.

In the beginning, I was surprised by the Protector. The lengthy wheelbase as well as coil springtimes offered a great trip, contrasted to the Collection. And also a rather modern-day turbo-diesel? No tappets to readjust as well as carburettors to vow at? Impressive.

Contrasted to most, I had extremely reduced assumptions.

The engine, a 2.5-litre five-cylinder TD5 (90kW/300Nm), is progressively slow-moving by modern-day criteria, however has actually verified to be a reputable powerplant for many years. It’s presently revealing around 285,000 kilometres on the odometer, as well as also did a good work lugging a friends old LandCruiser Job throughout Sydney.

Large benefits of this version, in my eyes: A huge wheelbase (127 inches, or 3225mm), 1461kg haul in common type, a lot of ground clearance as well as an excellent suspension style.

The Protector is additionally mainly straightforward from a mechanical viewpoint, enabling it to be serviced as well as preserved by a proprietor with standard devices as well as a readiness to discover. This fit me completely.

And also contrasted to an ever-popular 79-Series LandCruiser, the Protector features coil springtimes overall, an appropriate wheelbase, matching track sizes, a much better haul, as well as the capability to verbalize without significant imperfections or alterations. So it had a diesel V8, eh?


It had not been long up until the alterations started. Functioning after that at a 4×4 publication, I utilized the Protector to load several web pages (print as well as electronic) of installs, testimonials, traveling tales as well as how-to overviews. And also completion outcome resembles what most various other four-wheel chauffeurs wind up with.

The old ARB bullbar gave way for a brand-new winch suitable device, combined to a Bushranger 9500 extra pound device with artificial rope.

Taller as well as larger tires, fitted to Dynamic steel wheels aided with off-road grip, as well as a two-inch suspension lift boosted clearance as well as reduced tire scrub. A fundamental 12V system was inserted under the traveler seat, with a solitary additional scale on the control panel.

A Tong Steel dimple-plate cover went onto the back, as well as I fitted out the indoor myself along 2 significant tenets: light-weight as well as affordable. That suggests no cabinets as well as no drop-slide, due to the fact that they are normally both costly as well as hefty.

So an Engel upright refrigerator obtained bolted on the 7mm plywood flooring, making use of some braces from Bunnings. I have actually given that patched with each other a circulation panel right into the cover, once more on a limited budget plan as well as maintaining points straightforward.

Although I have actually possessed this cars and truck given that 2014 as well as have actually placed about 100,000 kilometres on it (mainly four-wheel driving) given that possessing it, I still like climbing in behind the wheel.

And Also over the Xmas vacations, that’s what occurred.

First Of All, I do not wish to seem like I am whining: I like this work, as well as remain in a fortunate placement to drive a lot of brand-new steel every one of the moment.

Include a young family members scrambling with an usually hectic job life, as well as time invested behind the wheel of my very own cars and truck is fairly uncommon. And also it’s a bit of an embarassment, due to the fact that I significantly appreciate driving this old, clapped-out Protector with every one of its weakness as well as troubles.

And also what’s much better, is that I reached invest time out in the shrub with the family members as well as invest a couple of days looking at stellar evenings as well as a crackling fire. We endured the damp weather condition over the Xmas vacations, as well as with our brand-new acquisitions of some shadecloth as well as a gazebo, invested a couple of days kicking back far from phone function, tvs as well as web traffic.

We returned once more to the stunning Turon River National forest, around 4 hrs drive from main Sydney. And also although it was fairly hectic, we took care of to jag an excellent area by the river. We also obtained fortunate with the weather condition.

Outdoor camping has actually additionally offered me a possibility to appropriately evaluate out my home-brew 12V circulation panel in the back. It’s plenty as well as mainly affordable unpleasant, specifically when you contrast it to the type of things you usually see on Instagram. It functions well, powering whatever I require without concern.

Just recently, the back suspension required some interest. Bilstein equipment, generally renowned for its top quality as well as integrity, required substitute after the back systems eliminated the majority of their oil throughout themselves.

Yes, Bilstein is a German firm; I constantly laughed when I saw a rundown of the Nurburgring on the shock body for a three-tonne, 90kW 4×4. Bilstein Australia is a remarkable regional procedure, which does a substantial quantity of production, growth as well as research study right below in Australia.

I do not believe it is a mistake of the shocks a lot: I think they weren’t enough time for the application originally, as well as have actually given that been peaking at optimum expansion for the previous 5 (or two) years. And also taking into consideration every one of the effort they have actually corrected that time, I can not grumble way too much.

To change them, I have actually obtained some old systems a pal has actually offered me, which will certainly trend me over up until I obtain something long-lasting as well as appropriate. They are Old Male Emu LTRs, which go back to the very early 2000s. While no question over the hillside, they still have some nitrogen left in them, as well as carry out a whole lot much better than the dead Bilsteins.

My refrigerator, generally an additional sign of integrity, has additionally had problem. It’s an Engel ST90F 80-litre upright refrigerator, however declined to activate someday. Fixed at the expense of $250 at my regional Engel-approved man in Western Sydney, the trouble was placed down to being shut off for as well long without drying, as well as several of the interior circuit card had actually rusted sufficient to stop working.

Lesson found out: leave the Engel on as long as feasible, which will certainly prevent most troubles in the future.

In addition to the nondescript steel tray, lives a cover from Brisbane supplier Tong Steel, as well as allows us bring the upright refrigerator, a fundamental homebrew 12V configuration as well as all of our outdoor camping equipment. It’s a reasonable little additional weight to manage, specifically when packed up. You can see the effect it carries off-road driving throughout our 2021 Protector off-road evaluation.

Nonetheless, its still a good idea off-road, specifically when the tires are broadcast right down. The old Protector is an actual enjoyment to take off-road, as a result of its interesting as well as mechanical nature. This additionally makes it fairly one-of-a-kind, nowadays. No securing differentials suggests I require to select a line wisely, as well as utilize as much of the suspension traveling as feasible to maintain wheels on the ground.

Equipment run-through

For those interested, right here is a fast run-through evaluation of the equipment I have actually fitted to the Protector, together with a short evaluation from years of use/abuse/neglect. Where I can, I have actually included expenses. Worth keeping in mind: all of those business, apart from Mickey Thompson, are Australian-based as well as possessed. A great deal of the production does take place off-shore these days.

Bulllbar: ARB Deluxe, winch suitable ($ 1806, fitted)

It’s jumped off ‘roos as well as scuffed on rocks without trouble, as well as looks excellent too. Still one of the ideal options of bullbar out there, albeit one of the a lot more costly.

Winch: Bushranger Seal 9.5 ($ 1545)

A trusted friend, which has actually conserved my bacon a lot of times. It’s beginning to make some grinding sounds after 7 years of usage, informing me the transmission requires a re-grease. I’m a large follower, however the Seal has actually currently been superseded by a brand-new version called ‘Revo’.

Driving Lights: Lightforce Genesis 210 ($ 469 each)

It’s usually difficult to validate a lot more costly lights when there is a huge selection of affordable competitors around, however these lights carry out well as well as still look excellent after years in the weather condition. I in fact do not utilize them frequently, due to the fact that they are so bloody intense as well as I such as to make camp prior to dusk.

Tires: Dynamic Steel Triangular

Aftermarket wheels that have the ideal stud pattern as well as tons ranking for a 130 are infrequent. With a no balanced out as well as eight-inch size, they fit the tires well as well as rest simply inside the common guards. Rock breakout vouches for the difficult life they have actually had, however have not damaged.

Tyres: Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ

They are among the louder mud-terrain tires nowadays, specifically since they have a couple of miles under their belt. These tires grasp remarkably off-road, on rocks as well as mud in specific. These tires have some fractures on the sidewall currently, however have not had any kind of problems. Most likely guide clear if you like a quieter tire. If you desire to go all-in on off-road grasp, they are an excellent alternative. Dimension: 285/75 R16

Springs: King progressive-rate

King is a brand name identified with the Australian aftermarket scene, as well as its off-road array is substantial. A dynamic price suggests I’m not stuck to a super-stiff springtime unladen, however they have the ability to manage a shocking quantity of weight when required. Remarkably, the front springtimes coincide specification as sturdy back springtimes for an Exploration.

Shocks: Bilstein B6

Bilstein features a strong track record for four-wheel chauffeurs in Australia, as well as is among the much better alternatives for those desiring a high quality device without blowing the budget plan. While my front shocks are still great, the backs really did not last lengthy. I’m placing that down to being the incorrect dimension for the application. If you can, gauge your very own open as well as shut sizes of suspension traveling, prior to suitable anything up that’s not component of a tested package.

Catch Can: Flashlube Catch Can Pro ($ 260)

The only under-bonnet adjustment really did not exercise so well for me, despite the fact that the facility is strong. Filtering system oily haze from your crankcase gasses prior to they return right into your consumption makes good sense, however this device (a rebranded Mann + Hummel ProVent 100) could not manage what my TD5 was pressing out. Perhaps it’s because after several kays as well as great deals of dirt, my engine takes a breath larger than Clive Palmer after 3 collections of staircases. The Flashlube device obstructed up as well as required some seals to leakage. I’ll seek to change it with a bigger ProVent 200.

Cover: Tong Steel Dimple Plate (approx $4000)

Choosing a standard-sized cover to fit a dual-cab from Brisbane-based Tong Steel makes it a more affordable alternative than the a lot more tailor-made as well as specialized alternatives readily available. Dimple-plate is a lot more costly than chequer plate, however has a much better strength-to-weight proportion. We additionally obtained the slide-on alternative, with constructed in jacking factors.

Refrigerator: Engel ST-90F ($ 1349)

An upright refrigerator is lighter than a comparable breast refrigerator, as well as comes to be considerably lighter when you know you do not require a tilt-slide, drop-slide or slide . This 80-litre Engel device functions splendidly for my configuration, however does utilize even more power than an upper body refrigerator. It additionally passed away just recently, setting you back $250 to repair. After being left shut off for extended periods, some interior electrics had actually rusted.

Radio: Uniden UH9080 (about $400)

The Protector is deafening when driving, so the radio’s audio speaker in the handpiece does not reduce it at freeway rates. Not a problem, $20 invested at Jaycar for a complementary audio speaker, as well as trouble resolved. This radio appears to be really premium quality, as well as packed with even more functions than I find out about or require. The replay attribute, nonetheless, is really helpful.

Accessory Battery: Transformation Power Australia 100aH lithium ($ 1398)

Alongside the long-serving Optima Red Top cranking battery under the traveler seat, my regional automobile electrical contractor pressed in a fan-dangled lithium battery. Contrasted to AGM or swamped lead acid, it’s fairly costly at approximately 3 times the rate. Rates have actually gone down recently, as well as lithium is unquestionably an exceptional item. Power lasts a lot longer, it’s one third of the weight, as well as it collaborates with solar splendidly. It’s regulated by a Redarc BCDC battery charger.

Solar Covering: Redarc 112W Amorphous solar covering ($ 2401.48)

At almost two-and-a-half gorillas, it’s not a surprise = you do not see these out in the wild frequently. And also in straight contrast to a multitude of considerably less expensive competitors, it’s tough to suggest … unless you require the very best of the very best. Amorphous is your only option. Price apart, efficiency as well as longevity have actually been wonderful. My device looks used currently after a lot of usage, however it hasn’t missed a beat, billing up the battery well also under thick cloud.

Existing Standing— The following possibility to remove
Odometer— 285,000 kilometres
Successive— It schedules for a solution, with components on their method

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