Hino is a popular manufacturer of industrial lorries today and also has actually remained in the industrial vehicle market because The second world war. For a brief while in the Sixties, they developed their very own rear-engine traveler cars and truck.

Greet to Contessa.

The Contessa mapped its origins back to the Renault 4CV. Created in between 1947 and also 1961, Renault generated over a million instances of its little household four-door. Besides its French manufacturing place, the 4CV was developed under permit in Spain, Australia, and also Japan.

Japanese manufacturing began in 1953, and also the 4CV was put together under permit by Hino as the Hino Renault 4CV. The firm’s initial auto, Hino maintained developing the Renault up until its termination in 1961. Towards completion of the 4CV’s life, individuals at Hino understood they really did not intend to quit creating an auto, and also established their designers to function.

When the 4CV finished manufacturing, the rear-engine Contessa 900 prepared to take its area at Hino dealers. Hino re-engineered the 4CV and also provided it a bigger wheelbase, and also a longer and also larger body with upgraded designing for the Sixties. Unlike its Renault-designed precursor, the extra dimension implied the Contessa seated 5 rather than 4 and also was far more preferable as a family members car. Readily available was the high end looking Contessa Sprint, a two-door sports car. The Contessa was powered by an 893-cc inline-four engine that was a bigger derivation of Renault’s 4CV mill. 35 horse power produced an (ultimate) full throttle of 68 miles per hr. Initially the transmission was a three-speed on the tree, which was later on exchanged for a four-speed with a Hino-designed electro-magnetic clutch.

Contessa existed in its initial generation via 1964, when a brand-new 1300 design took its area. Larger and also a lot more effective than its precursor, it additionally used a brand-new body developed by Giovanni Michelotti. Besides brand-new designing, one of the most essential modification to Contessa was its engine. Currently, the cars and truck was powered by a 1.3-liter inline-four created by Hino. A modified Sprint sports car adhered to the car with an intro in 1965. This time around, the Sprint had an efficiency side over the car: Greater compression in the Sprint’s engine implied an enter horse power from 54 to 64.

The Contessa 1300 continued to be in manufacturing via 1966, whereupon the firm dropped under Toyota’s possession umbrella. Not keen on little cars and truck competitors, Contessa manufacturing was stopped by March 1967. A couple of even more Contessas were put together via 1968 and also 1969, as Toyota consumed staying body coverings and also made use of on-hand Toyota components when Hino component materials went out. Hino would certainly never ever once again create an auto.

Today’s Unusual Flight is from completion of Contessa manufacturing, a 1967 instance. Its collection of proprietors have actually consisted of a Hino supplier, the Hino manufacturing facility, along with a gallery. In 54 years it’s taken a trip 1,708 miles. Yours in New Zealand for $21,459.

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