• Q4 decline reduces as some markets rebound

ASEAN’s truck market exposed indicators of protecting in Q4

Sales of new automobiles in southeast Asia’s 6 biggest markets integrated decreased by just over 10% to 852,286 tools in the fourth quarter of 2020 from 937,114 tools in the exact same duration of the previous year, according to information entirely for just-auto from community industry sources containing auto makers, occupation organizations in addition to federal government divisions.

The annual image reveals much sharper decreases previously in the year, consisting of a 24% decline in the third quarter as well as additionally a 66% dive in the 2nd quarter, when economic task throughout the area was considerably disrupted by firm and also social lockdowns applied to aid reduce the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some markets in the area, such as Thailand, started to secure in the fourth quarter while sales in Malaysia and also Vietnam started to rebound.

While considerable economic restraints continue to be ready throughout the area, containing a restriction on worldwide tourist arrivals which continues to be to have a devastating influence on the traveling, traveler as well as additionally friendliness areas, residential economic task has really started to recover– aided by lowered interest rates in addition to financial excitement steps presented by nationwide government governments. Exports furthermore pleased in a modest rebound towards completion of in 2015, helped by solid need from China, yet recovered lockdowns in the location as well as additionally in countless markets around the world in action to a resurgent COVID-19 have really moistened idea in current weeks.

ASEAN’s biggest truck market in 2020 was Thailand, regardless of an above 21% sales reduce to 792,146 tools, while Indonesia got on 2nd location after sales stopped by over 48% to 532,027 tools– making it the location’s worst-performing market in 2015. Malaysia was a close 3rd, with sales down by simply over 12% at 529,434 systems.

New car sales in the Philippines decreased by over 31% to 285,512 tools in 2020, based upon details released by the primary local auto organizations, making it amongst the worst-affected markets in the area as the country coped ongoing surges in virus infection rates.

Vietnam was the best-performing car market in the area in 2015, with sales dropping by just over 7% to 283,983 systems. This is the only nation in the location to have actually remained free from coming under financial recession in 2015, aided by pre-emptive task early to manage the spread of the COVID19 pandemic and also its broadening standing as a various production location to China.


Thailand’s brand-new car market broadened by 1.3% to 248,927 tools in the fourth quarter of 2020 from weak sales of 245,705 devices a year formerly, based upon details set up by the Federation of Thai Industries. This adheres to a 29% decline in the very first 9 months of the year, as the country’s financial circumstance came under stress from the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

Day-to-day economic task in the country gradually started to normalise in the second fifty percent of the year after social in addition to firm restraints established to handle the spread of the pandemic were relieved towards conclusion of the 2nd quarter. GDP diminished by 6.4% year-on-year in the 3rd quarter after diving by 12.1% in the second quarter, with federal government stimulation treatments aiding to decrease the cost of economic decrease.

fourth quarter financial end result is anticipated to have really improved significantly compared to the previous quarters, with record-low interest rate of 0.5% aiding to advertise customer investing while exports additionally began to enhance– helped by climbing up demand in China. Exclusive economic investment grabbed in the last months of the year, showing enhancing idea in the country– albeit from reduced levels.

Over the full year, complete vehicle sales in Thailand lowered by simply over 21% to 792,146 systems from 1,007,552 devices in 2019, with the community media reporting personal visitor car sales dropped by 31% to 274,789 devices; police car 68,705 tools (-2.2%); pick-up 364,887 systems (-155%); pickup-based automobile 44,576 systems (-263%); as well as additionally various other automobiles 39,189 systems (-162%).

Vehicle manufacturing in the country stopped by over 29% to 1.42 million tools in 2015, while exports stopped by over 30% to 735,842 systems.

The FTI recently asserted it anticipates domestic car sales to reduce a lot more this year, by over 5% to 750,000 tools, with financial development continuing to be under stress as recovered social and also firm lockdowns around the world continue to be to keep back export demand. Climbing COVID-19 circumstances in Thailand have actually furthermore impacted residential idea. Comparative, the country’s biggest carmaker Toyota Electric electric motor claimed it prepares for full truck sales to climb up by in between 7% in addition to 14% to 850,000– 900,000 devices.


New car sales in Indonesia remained to go down considerably in the fourth quarter of 2020, by essentially 42% to 159,981 devices from 276,172 tools in the similar duration of in 2015, according to participant wholesale details assembled by sector company Gaikindo. This abided by a virtually 51% dive in the preliminary 9 months of year, showing decreasing economic outcome after social and also firm restraints were performed throughout most of in 2015 to help in reducing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indonesia is among the countries in Asia worst influenced by the around the world pandemic, with domestic use in addition to exports lowering dramatically in 2015. GDP decreased by 3.5% in the third quarter of 2020 after lowering by 5.3% in the 2nd quarter as well as additionally proceeded social and also solution constraints as a result of a revival of the pandemic show an even more decrease in the fourth quarter.

Overall car sales dove by over 48% to 532,027 tools in 2020 from 1,030,126 devices in 2019, making Indonesia the worst-performing auto market in the ASEAN location. Sales of automobile were down by over 50% at 388,886 tools, while sales of vehicles in addition to buses stopped by over 41% at 143,141 devices.

Toyota reported a greater than 51% decline in wholesale quantities to 161,256 devices in 2020; abided by by Daihatsu with a 49% be up to 90,724 tools; Honda 73,315 devices (-47%); Suzuki 66,130 devices (-34%); as well as additionally Mitsubishi Motors 57,906( -51%).

The reserve bank has actually lowered its standard interest rates to a historic low of 3.75% to assist increase economic job, while the federal government has actually made significant initiatives to bring in interior financial investment– containing significant facilities, mining and also commercial jobs. The Asia Advancement Financial Institution in its latest forecast asserted it anticipated the country’s GDP to have really decreased by 2.2% in 2015, yet anticipates development of 4.5% in 2021.

As a result of the significant unpredictability due to a rejuvenation of the COVID-19 pandemic all over the world, industry company Gaikindo has really not yet provided a market projection for 2021– after sales in 2015 dropped significantly other than its altered 600,000- system full-year forecast released in August.


Malaysia’s brand-new car market stayed to widen in the 4th quarter of 2020, by practically 17% to 187,945 systems from 161,296 tools in the similar period of the previous year, according to enrollment details launched by the Malaysian Automotive Organization (MAA).

This complied with a 14% year-on-year surge in the third quarter as well as additionally eliminated a lot of the 50% decline seen in the extremely initial half of the year, when economic job was seriously restricted by the federal government’s Task Control Order (MCO) presented in March to help in reducing the spread of the COVID19 pandemic. The financial circumstance is anticipated to have really started to recover in the fourth quarter, having really reduced by 2.7% year-on-year in the 3rd quarter as well as additionally by greater than 17% in the second quarter of 2020.

Vehicle purchasers stayed to indulge in the sales tax responsibility getaway exemption offered by the federal government last June to suffer for the nation’s vehicle sector. This was at first as an outcome of run out at the end of 2020, nevertheless has actually been lengthened up till completion of June2021 New designs, particularly from Proton, have really furthermore aided attract buyers to the marketplace, along with aggressive advertising projects by providers as well as additionally captivating funding packages adhering to aggressive interest rate cuts by the reserve bank in 2015.

Over the full year complete brand-new car sales were down by 12.4% at 529,434 systems from 604,281 systems in 2019, with automobile dropping by 12.6% to 480,965 in addition to industrial automobiles down by 10.4% at 48,469 devices. Perodua’s sales stopped by 8.4% to 220,154 devices; abided by by Proton with an 8.8% increase to 109,716 systems; Honda 60,469 systems (-29%); in addition to Toyota 59,320 systems (+13%).

The solid 4th quarter market rebound loss all assumptions in addition to the marketplace is gradually positive on the expectation to get in2021 The community Kenanga Financial investment Financial institution mentioned it prepares for the industry to raise by over 10% to 585,000 devices this year, with the expansion to the sales tax responsibility exemption aiding to supply strong development in the preliminary fifty percent of the year.

Lorry sales in the ASEAN area by market, 2017-2020

Thailand 871650 1041739 1007552 792146 -214
Indonesia 1079534 1151291 1030126 532027 -484
Malaysia 576635 598714 604281 529434 -124
Philippines 467200 401803 416637 285512 -315
Vietnam 250619 276817 305562 283983 -7.1
Singapore 116148 93862 86939 45511 -477
Overall 3361786 3564226 3451097 2468613 -285

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