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3 simple letters gotten from a preferred Italian vehicle supplier started the muscle vehicles as well as vehicle modification that sent hearts contending for a years starting in the year1964 The Pontiac GTO may be ideal identified today for Tri-Power carburetors, Hurst shifters, loaded fronts lights as well as likewise Court Sammy Davis Jr., yet there can be little discussion that of one of the most satisfying of Pontiac’s cars to actually drive came many years later.

After completing its initial production run in 1974 as a one-year-only variation based upon the Ventura (otherwise described as Pontiac’s variant of the X-body Chevy Nova), GM’s performance division brought the GTO back for the 2004 style year. This moment about, nonetheless, the Goat was created in Australia before laying out to America, based upon the well-regarded bones of the Holden Monaro.

Even with the relocating wind immune bodywork along with modern fuel-injected engine, the basic GTO center remained the similar: put the best as well as likewise most reliable engine possible right into the smallest structure conveniently offered as well as likewise positioned it on the display screen space floor covering. The pious GTO made it with merely 3 variation years, gotten rid of by high prices, negative marketing and advertising, the expense of distribution along with certifying the Australian devices for the UNITED STATE market along with possibly likewise the rapidly resembling finish of the Pontiac trademark name itself.

Why the Pontiac GTO?

Well, this shows up apparent: performance. The 2004 GTO consisted of a 5.7-liter LS1 V8 engine (the criterion 350 cubic-inch GM small block variant), nonetheless, for 2005 along with 2006 the GTO was bestowed the larger 6.0-liter LS2. That pushed power from 350 equine power along with 365 pound-feet of torque to a likewise 400 horses along with torques.

With the new, upgraded V8 underhood, the GTO’s 0-60 time dropped from a predicted 5.3 secs to merely 4.7. The quarter-mile time went down from a presently superior 13.8 secs to 13 degree, making this the quickest GTO that Pontiac in the past (officially) created as well as likewise marketed to the public. With a top speed of 180 miles per human resources, it was in addition the fastest.

Yet there’s a lot more to the late GTO than merely performance numbers. The Holden Monaro-based structure was an outstanding one, with a limited structure along with independent suspension whatsoever 4 sides. Unlike previous GTOs, Pontiac’s determined muscular tissue mass lorry actually did not give up when the road gotten twisty. Still, its journey was tuned for ease, making the GTO a stunning daily vehicle driver throughout the week that can triggering smiles at any type of kind of kind of race track on the weekend break breaks.

General Motors’ LS-series of engines have really confirmed actually lengthy lasting throughout the years. It’s not the negligent, rough V8 that powered the first GTOs, although that it trusts pushrods as well as likewise variant to make a big band of torque similar to muscular tissue mass vehicles as well as vehicles of old. Its under-stressed along with relatively conventional design is an advantage for resilience. The Long-Term Premium quality Index research study situated at dashboard-light. com births this out with an above normal reliability ranking.


2004 Pontiac GTO

  • 2004 Pontiac GTO

Which Pontiac GTO to pick?

There’s something to be specified pertaining to obtaining the first variation year of a potential future collectible, so there can be some fundamental well worth to the 2004 GTO. That is true of the prominent 1964 variation, although that power enhanced for 1965 as well as likewise continued to be to go up till virtually every vehicle supplier took a compression-lowering hit in 1971.

Yet if you’re searching for the greatest variant of the modern GTO, the 2005 along with 2006 with the LS2 engine are the ones to look for. Previous that, feasible clients will definitely require to pick if they want the usual four-speed automated or the optional six-speed manual. Either selection will definitely utilize great deals of performance, with the lorry more than likely amounting to a lot more repeatable choose the drag strip. For huge driving euphoria, it’s hard to beat a clutch pedal.

The GTO was offered in some interesting tones, including Cosmos Purple for the 2004 variation year as well as likewise Yellow Layer in ’04 along with ’05 Brazen Orange Metallic was conveniently offered in2006 If you look for something distinctive, those far-out shades weren’t as famous as standard cars tones like red, silver along with black. Some GTOs similarly had distinct withins with red, also purple as well as blue all-natural leather. Consumers that want to fly as much under the radar as possible may plan to cast a big net as well as likewise look for a really early style without the hood scoops that wound up being need in 2005.

Arrange as well as likewise listings

Pontiac used an overall quantity of 40,808 GTOs over the relaunched style’s three-year production run. An exceptional variety of clients recognized that the GTO had potential to worth after a little of time passed. As it still may. A lot, nonetheless, the 2004-2006 GTOs remain to be enjoyed one offers.

Given that this developing in April of 2021, Kelley Directory site prices differs from in between around $11,000 for a 2004 in fantastic trouble to around $18,000 for a 2006 in similarly excellent problem.

Our made use of vehicle listings can be important to find a deal near you. Tighten up the offerings down by a period around your POSTCODE, along with pay attention to the deal position on each keeping in mind to see simply exactly how a car contrasts to others in an equivalent place.

What else to consider

It’s tough to establish the GTO’s opponents. The Ford Mustang offered a hundred much less horses along with had actually not been as extravagantly appointed or as pricey when new as the Pontiac, nonetheless similarly shows off a renowned nameplate. A remarkable 2006 Mustang GT cars require to attract something near $12,000

The third generation of the Dodge Resistance debuted for the 2008 style year with an optional 5.7-liter Hemi V8 that extracted as high as 375 equine power or a bigger 6.1-liter in the SRT8 variation with 425 horses. A 2009 Resistance R/T ought to definitely establish you back a lot less than $17,000 in fantastic trouble.

We should certainly in addition mention that the GTO had actually not been Pontiac’s last effort at making a strong performance press. The G8 was an extra Australian import developed from 2008 up till the trademark name’s unfavorable fatality in2009 Among one of the most more suitable V8 variants of the G8 vehicle are potentially a lot also pricey for clients that may be considering a bargain-priced GTO, as are the Holden-built Chevrolet SS vehicles that came many years later.

Pontiac GTO Information And Facts

Pontiac GTO

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