Audi A6 e-tron concept – the complying with e-volution

Audi provides absolutely electric luxury-class Sportback suggestion vehicle

New technology system: Prices System Electric (PPE) prepared for to begin in 2022

Quick payment with 270 kW– anticipated selection of above 700 kilometres

Shanghai/Ingolstadt, April 19, 2021– Audi is resolutely agreeing its “e-volution” towards electric versatility as well as likewise will definitely be exposing the leader of an innovative family of absolutely electric, producing cars– the four-door Audi A6 e-tron suggestion– at the Auto Shanghai 2021 program. A completely new modern-day innovation design, the “Prices System Electric,” or PPE for quick, will definitely work as the technology system for these vehicles in the future. Prepared for to begin in late 2022, the extremely initial production cars in the C- along with in the future also B-segment will definitely be relaunched with PPE technology, including– an at first around for electric autos– both SUVs with a high ground clearance along with dynamically styled layouts with a lowered trip altitude, such as the upcoming Audi A6 e-tron.

Sporting the Audi A6 icon, the suggestion vehicles as well as vehicle highlights its area in the brand’s luxury-class variation collection. This variation has really meant the brand in amongst the world’s highest-volume markets since 1968– initially, along with till 1994, as the Audi100 The Vehicle, Avant, as well as likewise allroad, afterwards in the future the Sportback– which existed as the A7– completed the variation member of the family. A stimulated drive system presently has a prolonged custom-made in the Audi A6– after a full crossbreed variant that was introduced back in 2011, the existing Audi A6 TFSI e made its introducing in 2019 with a plug-in crossbreed drive along with an electric selection of around 91 kilometers (WLTP).

Unlike the last, however, the Audi A6 e-tron concept being revealed at the Auto Shanghai 2021 expose matters entirely on electric power, based upon the future PPE system developed under Audi’s monitoring. At the precise very same time, it in addition represents an entirely new format concept– the only factor it shows to the existing A6 are its dimensions. The 4.96- meter-long, 1.96- meter-wide, as well as likewise 1.44- meter-high body is established as a Sportback, as well as likewise its lines are an obvious depiction of the systematic advancement of Audi’s existing format language.

The Audi A6 e-tron suggestion outside variation making its introducing in Shanghai is far more than merely an uncomplicated format exercise– its body is a foretaste of Audi’s future production variations as well as likewise provides clear indications of merely precisely just how vivid as well as likewise elegant the electric-powered premium program from the brand with the 4 rings will definitely look.

For its element, the PPE technology will definitely make sure that what the vehicle’s lines show is truly transformed right into vivid driving effectiveness along with day-to-day stability correct use as a primary truck. Specifically, this suggests that relying on the selected drive system along with layout variant, an Audi A6 e-tron is prepared for to show off a collection of above 700 kilometers (based upon the WLTP demand) in the future– as well as likewise among one of the most efficient member of the family are planned for to.
sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in much less than 4 secs.

E for e-tron, E for elegant– the Audi A6 e-tron concept’s design

Based upon its dimensions, the Audi A6 e-tron suggestion is simply a representative of the luxurious program– 4.96 meters in dimension, 1.96 meters in dimension, as well as likewise 1.44 meters in altitude, such the here and now individuals of the Audi A6/A7 collection. With its vivid portions as well as likewise sophisticated lines, including the fastback design typical of the brand, it appears at first look that this vehicle was established in a wind flow.

The policies of the rules of aerodynamics has really regularly played a vital task in Audi’s prolonged history of success in the luxurious program. The Cd well worth of the Audi 100/ C3 remains to be renowned– at the time it was the aerodynamics world champ throughout all programs, along with with its Cd well worth of 0.30, Audi was presently much surpassing its opponents as extremely early as 1982, as well as likewise stayed to do so for a number of years to locate. With its streaming lines, the third generation of the Audi 100 also changed as well as likewise remarkably altered automobile format in the premium program, which up till afterwards had really been extremely standard.

Presently the Audi A6 e-tron concept is developing a new stage in this success story, validating again that the brand regularly incorporates kind along with function in an ideal harmony. A Cd well worth of merely 0.22 is unequaled in the impressed C-segment. In layman’s terms, this recommends the automobile shows limited wind immune drag– which initially converts right into minimized power consumption along with subsequently long term selection. At the similar time, the fine-tuning in the wind flow has again triggered an all-natural format with phenomenal design as well as likewise uniformity to the last details.

Massive 22- inch wheels along with quick overhangs, the degree cabin, as well as likewise the huge cars roof arc use the truck portions significantly expressive a vehicles. The absence of difficult sides triggers smooth changes in between convex along with concave surface throughout the body, together with in soft darkness. The Audi A6 e-tron concept turns up monolithic, as if from a singular mold and mildew as well as mold– particularly when seen from the side.

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The slope of the rear end house window is a typical feature of Audi Sportback house window format; as a result, the D-pillar increases from the stable base of the truck’s rear end in a specifically organized style. When included normally right into the side surface area locations, the unique quattro wheel arcs efficiently highlight the dimension of the body as well as likewise are all at.

The wheel arcs are affixed by the especially created battery area over the rocker panel, which is highlighted with a black inlay– a format facet that is presently a quality of the Audi brand’s fleet of electric vehicles. Typical of Audi e-tron layouts are the structured, camera-based electronic outdoors mirrors at the base of the A-pillar.

Taking into consideration the front, it is quickly visible that the Audi A6 e-tron concept is an electric-powered representative of the brand with the 4 rings. A certain feature is the large encased Singleframe grille, which is bordered near all-time low by deep air usage for cooling off the drivetrain, battery, along with brakes. The degree front lights bezels increase a lot right into the sides of the side to side sweeping front end, highlighting the level corrected design of the truck body.

The influence of the wind flow on the rear end stands out. The leading rear end is created to create an aerodynamically functional breakaway side. As well as likewise in the minimized location, the back diffuser’s kindly sized air electric outlet is included right into the looter area. This element networks the air that streams under the truck in such a way that lessens disruption– an ideal mix of decreased wind immune drag (i.e. the Cd well worth) as well as likewise decreased lift.

” Heliosilver” is the name of the technoid-looking color of the paint, which ultimately consists of aesthetic presence as well as likewise ability to the appearance of the Audi A6 e-tron suggestion. The paint highlights the types of the body with a three-dimensional deepness influence, which is particularly visible in the area around the quattro wheel arcs. In the front end, the Singleframe grille, in addition in Heliosilver, develops a striking contrast to the deep matte black color of the structure. This simple contrast also highlights the level oriented portions in the rocker panel locations on the sides of the vehicle.

Together with its stunning appearance, the paint also offers considerable technical benefits that can assist in lowering power use. This is because it can reveal a substantial percent of the convected heat in sunlight, as a result lowering the amount of power that enters into the vehicle’s body as well as likewise, most importantly, its within. The result is that in a number of situations, the proprietors may not need to utilize the a/c to maintain a continual level of ease– which is amongst the significant elements that has an impact on power consumption together with the drive system. When given up at web traffic signal, this may make money the vehicle’s selection– over every mile as well as likewise.

View as well as be seen– the Audi A6 e-tron concept’s lights technology

The degree fronts lights along with taillights are slim along with flush with the basic framework of the lines. Digital Matrix LED as well as likewise digital OLED modern-day innovation makes it possible to achieve optimal lighting along with a variety of features in spite of having a minimal surface area, while at the precise very same time supplying flexible light hallmarks. The team of Audi lighting programmers along with developers has really again done an unbelievable job– this concept vehicles as well as vehicle lots a host of new features as well as likewise modification options right into its lights gadgets.

3 small, high-resolution LED projectors are created in right into each side of the body, altering the ground beneath them right into a stage when the doors are opened up– little long term vivid lighting effects invite the proprietors with messages in their actual own language. At the most effective in Shanghai, this suggests in Chinese individualities, normally.

The mix of security as well as safety and security features as well as likewise aesthetic format has really regularly been of particular significance to Audi. That’s why the little, high-resolution projectors also existing suggesting join the ground– to warn a bike cyclist that the vehicles as well as vehicle door is concerning to open.

Another 4 high-resolution LED projectors– quietly included right into the sides of the vehicle– develop directional signal price quotes. The format of these price quotes can be altered to deal with numerous markets along with permission locations as asked for.

The Digital Matrix LED front headlights achieve basically movie top quality. If, for example, the Audi A6 e-tron concept is parked prior to a wall surface area throughout a break to bill the battery, the driver along with vacationers can consume time playing a video game forecasted onto it. Rather than on a television in the cabin, they’ll see their specific computer game’s on the internet landscapes anticipated onto the wall surface area in XXL design– along with all this through the Digital Matrix LED fronts lights. Players can stand next to or straight prior to the truck for an especially outstanding view of the computer game, which is a variety of meters wide. Players manage the computer game making use of clever gadget. As well as likewise the computer game itself is an Audi product– Audi programmers established as well as likewise developed it particularly for the Audi A6 e-tron suggestion!

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The rear end of the concept vehicle consists of a new generation of digital OLED elements that, as a consistent strip of lights, copy a display screen. They can in addition be utilized to create virtually unlimited tailored versions of digital light hallmarks as well as likewise vivid lighting reveals that can be adapted to the customer’s private choice.

One new feature in the taillights is the three-dimensional layout of the digital OLED elements, that– adapted to the kind of the body– makes it possible to totally integrate the night design right into the complete look. This makes it possible to experience the vivid light program not simply in 2 dimensions– as was previously the circumstances– yet with a superb, 3D spatial influence.

As well as likewise it do without declaring that the mix taillights, like the fronts lights, please their developers’ demands when it worries the regular attributes of truck lighting, especially seeing as well as likewise being seen– in the front, a clearly along with remarkably brightened street with fronts lights that wisely adapt to the internet website traffic circumstance, environment, along with settings, together with get in touch with numerous other street clients. In the back, the ultrabright, attire, along with high-contrast digital OLED mix taillights can particularly as well as likewise significantly elevate the level of safety and security when driving of the future.

In addition to that, the price quotes around the truck allow its communication variety to be increased past the vehicle for the extremely very first time. With the help of clever link in the vehicle, the A6 e-tron suggestion provides details to numerous other street clients with visual signals.

High ground clearance along with minimized trip altitude

The PPE is established particularly for battery-electric drive systems as well as likewise can therefore make the most of all the benefits of this modern-day innovation. The essential component of the future PPE fleet is a battery element in between the axles that holds around 100 kWh of power in the A6 e-tron concept. Using the entire truck base makes it possible to achieve a relatively level layout for the battery. This suggests that for the extremely very first time, it will definitely be possible to use this singular system for both trucks with a high ground clearance as well as likewise vehicles with an incredibly vivid, level design– such as the Audi A6 e-tron suggestion– without any alterations to the essential layout.

The battery measurement as well as likewise wheelbase of PPE vehicles are scalable, making them perfect for use in numerous market areas. The percentage of an instead prolonged wheelbase along with very quick overhangs is something they will definitely all share, nonetheless, as well as likewise this, together with the big wheels, triggers essential portions that are simply perfect– along with not merely in relation to format. This is because the guests of the future PPE variations will definitely also acquire from the prolonged wheelbase, which transforms right into a a lot longer interior as well as likewise far more legroom in both rows of seats– an important benefit throughout all areas. Electric vehicles are also typically additional large lots of thanks to the absence of a transmission flow, which is simply not needed since of the modern-day innovation.

Nonetheless likewise without the transmission flow, Audi customers will definitely not require to miss on the brand’s trademark quattro 4×4 system. The future selection of PPE layouts will definitely contain variants with one electric electric motor each positioned to the front along with back axles that utilize electronic control to provide 4×4 as required as well as likewise achieve a superb stability in between driving features as well as likewise power performance. The e-tron household participants will certainly also be composed of conventional variants boosted for marginal use as well as likewise optimal selection– in this scenario, propulsion will definitely stem from a singular electric electric motor positioned to the back axle.

The Audi A6 e-tron concept’s 2 electric electric motors can providing a general outcome of 350 kW as well as likewise a torque of 800 Newton meters.

The front wheels of the Audi A6 e-tron concept are affixed through a five-link axle especially boosted for electric trucks, with a multi-link axle in the back. The suggestion automobile consists of Audi air suspension with versatile dampers.

Quick payment, high selection

The heart of the Audi A6 e-tron suggestion’s drive technology– which of all future PPE variations– is the 800- volt payment modern-day innovation. Like the Audi e-tron GT before it, this ensures that the Audi A6 e-tron suggestion’s battery can be billed with around 270 kW in a truly quick time at public DC fast-charging terminals. This innovative modern-day innovation will definitely enter into the high-volume mid-range as well as likewise luxurious areas with the PPE for the incredibly really very first time.

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This modern-day innovation makes payment times possible that appeared like a stopped to refuel a vehicles as well as vehicle powered by a conventional engine.
Just 10 minutes at a public DC swiftly battery charger are adequate to bill the battery somewhat ample to power the vehicles as well as vehicle above 300 kilometers. As well as likewise in a lot less than 25 minutes at a public DC fast battery charger, you can bill the Audi A6 e-tron suggestion’s 100 kWh battery from 5 to 80 percent.

Together with an anticipated selection of above 700 kilometers– counting on the selected drive system along with power result– the Audi A6 e-tron concept is uncompromisingly perfect for use as a primary truck. Its selection as well as likewise payment price keep price with those of melting engines, making it the perfect international vehicles as well as vehicle for day-to-day demands, from quick trips to the store to longer street trips when taking place journey.

In relation to vivid high qualities, the Audi A6 e-tron concept– as is typical for an electric vehicle– truly outshines its rivals with melting engines. Lots of many thanks to its high torque used right from the preliminary change, likewise entry-level variations produced performance are prepared for.
accelerate to 100 km/h in much less than 7 secs. As well as likewise in the cutting edge, high-performance variations, this sprint can likewise be reduced to well under 4 secs.

PPE– Versatile, variable, electric

2018 saw the introducing of the Audi’s extremely initial totally electric production vehicle– the Audi e-tron. Since, in a lot less than 3 years, the brand has systematically as well as likewise promptly progressed with the widespread introduction of electric motion throughout its entire product selection. Sticking To the Audi

e-tron SUV as well as likewise e-tron Sportback, the very vivid e-tron GT– based upon a new technology system developed jointly with Porsche AG– made its introducing in February2021 As well as likewise merely 2 months in the future, the Audi Q4 e-tron along with Q4 Sportback e-tron premiered– 2 remarkably unique SUVs in the A-segment with a regular technological system, the Volkswagen Group’s MEB. The Audi Q2 L e-tron, which is in addition all-electric, has really in addition been easily offered particularly in the Chinese market since 2019.

The Audi A6 e-tron suggestion is presently the preliminary individual of a relative of autos– initially in the C-segment as well as likewise in the future also in the B- as well as likewise D-segments– that is based upon an added sophisticated modern-day innovation system: the Prices System Electric, or PPE for quick. This modular system is being developed under Audi’s monitoring together with Porsche AG. The extremely initial Audi production trucks boosted the PPE system are prepared for to be with each other exposed start in the second half of 2022.

PPE trucks are especially developed to be made use of globally, as well as likewise will definitely be ended up in all of the brand’s essential markets. Audi plans to make the autos both at its European web sites along with in China, the company’s most significant singular market. A new production facility is being created in Changchun particularly for this goal, where Audi’s electric cars with PPE modern-day innovation will definitely start rolling off the line by the facility of the years. The facility is run jointly by Audi as well as likewise its joint undertaking buddy FAW-Volkswagen.

PPE is the preliminary Audi system established to match an amazing collection of high-volume cars– including SUVs as well as likewise CUVs with a high ground clearance together with cars with a lowered journey altitude that enter into Audi’s core product variety, such as the Audi A6 collection. There are also plans to expand the PPE selection right into the B-segment, which has really been the highest-volume market field for Audi for several years. As well as likewise when it concerns the state-of-the-art D-segment, the PPE is an outstanding technological system to enhance.

With the PPE, electric vehicles will definitely presently in addition be appealing to customers that select vehicle concepts past the SUV area– like a Sportback, as an instance, which is specific of the brand as well as likewise which the Audi A6 e-tron concept transforms right into a cutting-edge variation.

Due To this, Audi can effectively expand the collection of electric trucks in its account– making use of the high-volume B- as well as likewise C-segments. Financial environments of variety will definitely allow luxury-class technology as well as likewise many various variation variants to be consisted of right into an extensive routine of layouts that is unequaled in the expenses market.

Moreover, fleet consumption along with the company’s globally goal of lowering CO2 tires also earnings. Essentially, the PPE will definitely make sure that business’s quick enhancement in the direction of electric versatility making use of amount along with variety will definitely become yet another Audi success story.