From the September 1970 issue of Cars As well as Vehicle as well as likewise Driver.

Cars could absolutely be sex item, as has in fact been advised in track, misconception in addition to the regular considerable writing. Sexiness is a high top quality virtually hard to find in the bulk of the Mercedes-Benz autos with which we are acquainted. Offered, the old gullwing cars was pure, purple interest on wheels; authorized, also, that the new C111 has an extremely all-natural beauty that could well be warm if an automobile racing car/space tablet mix is what grabs you. No area do we see an appeal to prurient interest popular of Mercedes-Benz cars and trucks.

So what is the attraction, one asks? We have in fact presently created that it isn’t sex (unless you are truly kicky) in addition to no one that can assess a needs sheet is probably to assume that the cars and trucks and also vehicle will absolutely thrill the peasants with straight-line effectiveness. Neither will absolutely the Mercedes-Benz draw exceptionally substantial side Gs walking sides. It does have superb brakes, in addition to is greatly energetic for being entirely 2 great deals of rolling tools, yet those advantages do not reveal themselves till after you have in fact dealt with the car momentarily. The mastery, especially, isn’t probably to locate throughout the fast expedition that comprises a” discussion” at a great deal of dealerships. Still, Mercedes-Benz cars and trucks are marketed, in numbers as well as likewise at large prices, so the beauty is clearly there.

The reaction to all this is not a whole lot in the needs sheet as it stays in mankind. A good deal of people get automobiles based upon what they think the automobile states worrying them. They obtain a public affirmation of their positioning vis-a-vis the rest of the world. As having a Mercedes-Benz states something like the following:” Listed below I am as well as you will absolutely observe that I most certainly Have It Made, yet I have method also much choice as well as competence of fantastic factors to be driving a normal, shady Cadillac or a coldly over the leading Rolls-Royce.”

Incredibly perhaps, that’s the covert element for the beginner procurement of a Mercedes-Benz. The second time around, people are more than likely to acquire given that experience has in fact made them acquainted with the countless advantages presently mentioned– in addition to most likely a few of which we are not likewise conscious, given that we simply dealt with the new Mercedes-Benz 280 SE cars for a variety of weeks, in addition to were still uncovering indicate such as pertaining to the automobile right roughly the minute the cars and trucks and also vehicle was returned.

It was fantastic that we had the capability to develop time in the280 SE Our only previous straight exposure to the new car, with the brand-new 3.5-liter V-8 engine, was very fast in addition to under the very produced issues of an assessment track. That stayed in Germany. Presently, we have had an opportunity to drive the car carefully under very varied issues.

Our present experience began with a trip to Reno, where Mercedes-Benz provided a team of “three-point-fives” for the automobile press to flog. There was a300 SEL( with air suspension) as well as likewise 280 SEs in both cars in addition to exchangeable kind– all having the new V-8. The 3.5 engine is an extra-dollars choice to the 2.8-liter 6 that prevails in all 3 variations, in addition to you can have the300 SEL with the substantial 6.3-liter engine. We think we like the little V-8 choice, as it is dramatically comparable in weight to the 6. With the huge V-8, you get an additional250 additional pounds of engine weight right over the front wheels, in addition to unless you are an anvil salesman with a trunk filled with instances to bring around, the automobile gets a little out of stability.

Yet enough of that. Our unbiased right below is to review the 280 SE cars mit 3.5-liter engine, as that was the automobile in which we spent most of our time. Pleasant time it was, likewise, after a little of initial strangeness wore off. The strangeness stayed in the handling, located in a flat-out adventure up Interstate80, which leads eastward out of Reno. Nevada has no price limitation on its open streets, so it is practical( or else frequently reasonable )to merely conceal your foot in it as well as likewise indulge in. Which we did. As well as likewise throughout this exercise remembered an interested shifty-on-its-feet feeling worrying the handling that was not prepared for as well as likewise created some agitations pertaining to the car.



Those concerns were swiftly settled, for it developed that whatever steadied completely as quickly as the280 SE.

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was rollovered right into a turn. It was the” radial “tires, absolutely, which have very limber path that were the factor– in addition to it is little ample price to invest for radial benefits. These tires are superb in the moist, as well as likewise supply much lowered wear costs– especially at consistent broadband– as contrasted to conventional tires.

You would absolutely require to declare that consistent broadband are virtually nitty-gritty with the Mercedes-Benz. We went out Interstate80 a strong20miles, as well as likewise returned, as well as likewise ran best flat-out( well, maybe increasing merely a touch for the extensive, sweeping turns. )Zoom! Out, and also afterwards( zoom! )back. As the automobile never ever before provided any kind of kind of indication that it was doing anything tough. There was no rise in water temperature degree; no reduction in oil stress and anxiety.

That was a reasonably encouraging trial of high-speed capability, with the speedometer (which confirmed to be instead precise) analysis around125– 127 miles per hr on the level. Exceptional, also, for the harmony at those prices. The280 SE was, we presumed, rather additional loud than one would absolutely prepare for in a $13, 430 automobile at around-town trundling prices– nonetheless the audio level truly did not show up to improve to any kind of type of superb degree with price.




In Fact, what Mercedes-Benz can state of their SE 3.5 is

that” at100 miles per hr, the loudest sound you pay attention to is the air-conditioner.” If the rest of the cars and trucks and also vehicle, as well as likewise they could mention that likewise

was clattering away like a sack full of cowbells, as a result of the truth that the air-conditioner is loud
It does the job successfully as well as likewise simply instead obtrusively, as long as you do not call for anything higher than low-blower endurance. If it gets genuinely comfy, in addition to you get the blower up on the deluxe of the rheostat, the tool looks like it’s probably to huff, as well as likewise smoke, as well as likewise blow the windshield out.

However the broadband points, as well as likewise while still in Nevada, we took a side stumble to Virginia City– because that is an outstanding location to view as well as given that the highway up there is magnificently swoopy in addition to seldom obstructed by site web traffic. There, on that particular type of highway, is where you can uncover to such as the 280SE a great deal. Simply exactly how can you quit working to like it, when it keeps revealing that it is your friend? Verifies it by going where it is meant, as well as likewise positively changing directions when asked. You can remove in the facility of a briskly-taken turn in addition to the tail does not try to end up, as well as likewise the moderate understeer stays moderate. A little bit at the brake is practical, likewise, without acquiring right into trouble, in addition to problem is what you take care of the bag trying to brake in the facility of a turn with autos that do not have the280 SE’s vital stability.

In the future since day, we had a possibility at ideal effort. The Mercedes-Benz people had in fact positioned a skidpad out near Stead AFB, kept in mind off a slalom training program as well as likewise we press kinds had ourselves a race. Exceptional delightful it was, likewise, especially after they changed on the sprinkler system as well as likewise wet-down the program in addition to provided us a little of technique going from full-lock slides to the left right into full-lock slides to the. The assisting is slow-moving for that sort of work, yet it specifies something for the cars and trucks and also vehicle that there were simply a variety of rotates in an entire mid-day of running under the careful eye of Rudolf Uhlenhaut.

As you might prepare for, Mercedes-Benz had in fact not brought the company’s Manager of Vehicle Improvement entirely to remote Reno merely to supply a variety of press reporters a lesson in driving in addition to humbleness. No. Uhlenhaut existed to educate us worrying the new 3.5-liter engine, which makes up the only substantial difference in between the280 SE 3.5 in addition to the last 6-cylinder280SE you could have driven.

Uhlenhaut came perilously near educating us a great deal a lot more pertaining to the 3.5-liter V-S than we required to recognize, nonetheless afterwards we mean that you can not prepare for full layout without experiencing the summaries of a comprehensive developer. As he was outlined, leading us past such points of details as the ignition powers called for to end a stoichiometric air/ gas mix heading to the significant reality of the circumstances which was that Mercedes-Benz has in fact bathed a fantastic bargain of time as well as likewise capability on this new engine.

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One element that was stressed was that the engine required to please the requirements of both the European in addition to American markets without there being much difference in between household in addition to export variants. Uhlenhaut mentioned that for Europe it is needed to have superb mid-range power along with a truly solid outcome at optimal revs, in addition to the “capability to withstand consistent full power as well as likewise full price treatment.” Relatively decreased gas use costs in addition to moderate variant. These last items signify in Europe as an outcome of the high expenditure of gas in addition to tax obligation commitments based upon engine variant. Neither of these genuinely makes use of listed below in America. People that can spend practically $14,000 for a vehicle aren’t more than likely to supply much suggestion to what it establishes you back to pack the tank-and an excellent suggestion, likewise, as hard driving attracts gas mileage to around 10 mpg. As, absolutely, any kind of kind of tax obligation commitments one might require to endure with the belongings of a vehicle links virtually entirely to the expense.

All factors thought about, we would absolutely require to state that the choice of a 3.5-liter variant is regrettable from the totally American perspective. The new engine can as swiftly be 5-liters( it was at first created for 4.5-liters, afterwards destroked) in addition to it would absolutely be a better engine for us with an additional1500 cc of variant. At its existing measurement, it is a trifle over-worked in addition to Mercedes-Benz has in fact made up the difference with axle percentage. You get a lorry that twirls its engine 3000rpm to go60miles per hr in addition to consumes merely as much gas acquiring from listed below to there as a bigger, slower-turning engine without having the bigger engine’s low-speed muscular tissue mass.

There are times, you will absolutely find, when that lack of displacement-supplied muscle in fact makes itself truly felt, given that there are times when the engine merely does not get as much help as it might from the 4-speed transmission. This transmission, we are educated, keeps up a high degree of mechanical efficiency. That’s fine. We’re enjoyed hear it. If it establishes you back a set of steed power, we do desire that the transmission given also extra concentrate to what the vehicle driver needs likewise. Acquire the car genuinely moving in addition to whatever tasks okay, yet there are times. when driving around in internet website traffic– that wish for an automatic downshift when none impends; in addition to there are different other times when the transmission seems hanging onto a devices out of huge perversity as well as likewise well after one begins to want that it would absolutely select the complying with better percentage. As. When one needs for the accustomed torque-demand functions of the modern fluid torque converter-which begins to raise torque swiftly upon the application of throttle, there are great deals of times. as well as likewise gives you the outcome of a rapid infinitely-variable downshift. There is none of that with the Mercedes’ straight-blade fluid incorporating.

Presently if you desire to drive the280 SE, you can do little tricky-bits with the tools selector bar in addition to throttle that in fact makes it all get with each various other. We located that you can likewise attract smooth downshifts by blipping the throttle as you damage bench back. If perhaps Uhlenhaut has in fact not had method also much to state pertaining to the ways Mercedes-Benz car run, all of it makes us inquiry. He is himself an excellent car motorist, that suches as to drive. as well as likewise he appears to have in fact arranged the280 SE for himself. Each of which suggests that you will absolutely like it also if you are similarly an outstanding licensed operator that suches as to run at driving in addition to worths that fantastic difference in between what you want the cars and trucks and also vehicle to do as well as likewise what it selects its actual own. A number of vehicle drivers are provided better by having in fact the modifications created them, as well as likewise numerous vehicle drivers pick it by doing this.

There is one area in which Mercedes-Benz can not be faulted. which stays in the work they have in fact done to make the automobile A) meet the1971The gold state discharge demand: in addition to B) drivable. These factors do not frequently fit. as we have actually mentioned great deal of times formerly. Lots of specifically, they have in fact not fit when a Bosch electronic fuel-injection system was consisted of, as most of the Bosch full autos in our experience have in fact often tended to wait resulting [of closed throttle. The problem, as made clear by Uhlenhaut, was that when the throttle was opened up suddenly the air started moving quicker than the gas. which activated a short-term ultra-lean mix trouble. The new 3.5 V-8 has Bosch electronic shot, as opposed to the standard diesel-type Injector pump (which, Uhlenhaut insurance claims, does not take care of the mix very carefully enough at decreased prices in addition to light great deals to meet the air-pollution needs) in addition to it would certainly more than likely have the stumbles, also, with the exemption of an incredibly clever” service.” The throttle association contacts a gizmo that suggests the magic-box to make the injectors spray a chunk of gas as the throttle opens, just like there was an accelerator pump, in addition to gets rid of the stumble.

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Numerous various other controls, umpteen of them, really feeling air density as well as likewise engine temperature degree in addition to great deals in addition to engine price, as well as likewise the magic-box (which includes transistors as well as likewise different other such magical electrical devices )alters the rate of shot. Bosch makes clear the whole factor in a16- website handout which you can more than likely get from them if you’re genuinely that interested; we will certainly not try to cover it wire for cable television as well as likewise pipe for pipe listed below. It is enough to declare that it truly does the job. The 280SE 3.5 starts easily, in addition to quietly adjusts itself as the engine warms as well as likewise makes different other modifications for altitude in addition to anything else that is needed.

Equivalent really very close attention to details is to be situated throughout the.engine, with above camshafts, sodium-cooled exhaust shutoffs, special hard-surfacing utilized at the shutoff seats areas in addition to the advanced therapy needed to ensure that oil gets to each of the myriad locations that call for oiling, and more, promotion infinitum. Normally, it can be stated that such actions are not genuinely necessary-that a fistful of pushrods in addition to some stamped rockers would absolutely relatively correctly alter the M-B engine’s looming camshafts which a lot of the strategy points would certainly not be needed if the engine was bigger as well as likewise slower changing. Those factors could apply, nonetheless that’s not the technique it is done at Mercedes-Benz which’s not what made the Mercedes-Benz record.

As well as likewise the similar type of belief associates with the entire automobile. It could be that the Mercedes-Benz does not ride much much better on our primarily smooth streets for having an all independent suspension. It could be that disc brakes by any means 4 wheels as well as likewise rather hard brake pads, made to attract the cars and trucks and also vehicle listed below 125miles per hr at the expense of some shrilling at decreased prices, compose layout extreme in American context. It could likewise be that there is excessive a fee paid in weight as well as likewise rate in making the cars and trucks and also vehicle as solid as it is, which the internet end result of all the expense as well as likewise effort does not genuinely make the Mercedes-Benz function dramatically better than different other cars and trucks and also vehicles setting you back something like half the expense, Each of those factors could apply, in addition to more than likely are– in entirely reasonable terms. In the far better sensation, there is some recognition for top quality for its really own advantage, in addition to that is what the Mercedes-Benz means. Commodore Vanderbilt would absolutely have actually identified pertaining to the Mercedes-Benz: if you truly feel needed to quibble over the expense, to try to find a$ 13,430 recognition, you more than likely can not spend for the 280 SE 3.5, as well as likewise would certainly not value what you had if someone provided you the automobile.

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